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What to Expect

We specialize in old-fashioned, hard-to-find, American-made, quality goods with low prices and friendly faces. Here is just a short list of our fine goods:

» Aladdin Oil Lamps & Lanterns
» Aluminum Wash Tubs 
» Apple Peelers & Cherry Pitters
» Blenheim Ginger Ale
» Butter Churns
» Canning Supplies 
» Children’s Tea Sets
» Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap
» Hand-made Braided Rugs
» Hand-made Pottery 
» Hand-woven Afghan Throws
» John Deere Merchandise 

» Kraut Crocks 

» Lincoln Logs & Old Fashioned Toys

» Lodge Cast Iron Ware

» Mirro & Presto Pressure Cookers 

» Molasses made by the Amish 

» Old-fashioned Stick Candy

» Pecan Pickers 

» Pointer Brand Overalls 

» Red Flyer Wagons 

» Rocking Horses 

» Sourwood Honey, NC Jams & Jellies

» Spatterware Kitchen Assortment

» Troutman Rocking Chairs 

» White Mountain Ice Cream Churns

» Wood Stoves

» And so much more!

Gift Baskets

Home and Garden


Toys and Treats

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